Bouncing off the bottom of life?

In the economy of the Roaring 20’s he was a new breed of stock investor, a true analyst. His reports caught the attention of some key financiers, valued by those investing on Wall Street and he started to build his wealth. Under the cover of his financial acumen, Bill had a secret. He loved alcohol.Continue reading “Bouncing off the bottom of life?”

Shaken? Afraid?

So many of us are disoriented, shaken, and afraid these days. The pandemic statistics reported to us keep on rising, along with apocalyptic opinions about what’s next. Conspiracy theories, most unfounded, sprout like dandelions on our social media accounts. Having witnessed the self-serving actions of so many of those who are supposed to be ‘leaders,’Continue reading “Shaken? Afraid?”

Are you an influencer?

Influencers. These persons work to position themselves on social media to direct followers to products. If a person can attract a few thousand followers on social media, her marketing influence becomes valuable, increasing in value with each new follower. The explosion of users (around 4 billion people) of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook creates opportunitiesContinue reading “Are you an influencer?”