I will not live in the coward’s refuge

Here we are … waiting.  Who will be our President? In my mind a much more important issue is the recovery of a national unity, in what seems to be our ‘two Americas.’  The divide shows up everywhere, even in our churches. I am heart-broken over the disdain for the ‘other side’ that is tearingContinue reading “I will not live in the coward’s refuge”

Today’s phrase – God Rules!

In an election unlike any in my memory there are so many who are issuing dire warnings that we’re doomed if the other guy is elected. Will a Biden election bring America economic ruin? Will a Trump re-election set the world aflame?  Will a Democrat majority in the Senate bring the destruction of the republic?Continue reading “Today’s phrase – God Rules!”

Salvation is not found on a ballot

Tomorrow we have the privilege of electing our government here in America. On Wednesday morning about half of the nation will be disappointed and half will be delighted, such is the state of our politics. And some, at both ends of the spectrum, will be outraged by the prospect of being governed by ‘that man’Continue reading “Salvation is not found on a ballot”

Advice for when you’re stuck in the mud!

Jay, my son, bought himself a Jeep Wrangler when he was 19.  He took his sister ‘for a drive’ in his new vehicle and somehow decided that it was a good idea to attempt some “off-roading.”  He chose a trail that was not really for large vehicles; Mistake #1. Mistake #2 was over-estimating the abilityContinue reading “Advice for when you’re stuck in the mud!”