Welcome to CoffeeBreak With The Word!

CWTW is prepared prayerfully, thoughtfully, and authentically with just one desire – to help disciples along the way – to grow as Christians.

Welcome. I hope you will come back each day and find encouragement for the Way. Being a disciple (follower) of Jesus is not a hobby, not just a “Sunday diversion,” not just a ‘get into Heaven pass.’

Disciples are privileged to know the Lord God, to be a partner with Him in bringing the Rule of God to a broken world. They find life with purpose and meaning and gain the promise of an Eternal home. It’s not a life that can be gained without daily choices to say “YES” to the Spirit, to God’s Truth.

If you would like to receive CWTW in your email please 
text COFFEEBREAK to 22828 and follow the instructions.

A video version of the daily blog can be found on YOUTUBE.

Link is https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkbqiKJtEuxRU77KOI2OQSh6foZ6UYh2z

Pastor Jerry Scott

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