Are you an influencer?

Influencers. These persons work to position themselves on social media to direct followers to products. If a person can attract a few thousand followers on social media, her marketing influence becomes valuable, increasing in value with each new follower. The explosion of users (around 4 billion people) of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook creates opportunitiesContinue reading “Are you an influencer?”

All Shook Up!

The political chaos that has engulfed Washington, DC is tragic and unsettling, isn’t it? The uncertainty ripples out across America. My FaceBook™ news feed is filled with people ‘screaming’ at one another, accusing, blaming, calling for ‘justice,’ which usually means ‘what I think is right.’  Many of us hoped that the election, however it went,Continue reading “All Shook Up!”

Praying through your doubts

In my youth I was convinced that when I was ‘mature’ (whatever that means) all my questions would disappear, replaced by utter certainties! I’m 65, have lived the Christian life for 5 decades, and still find myself wrestling with many why’s and what’s and how’s.  Ah yes, there is a foundation of faith that isContinue reading “Praying through your doubts”