The RIGHT Gift?

I reached back to a CoffeeBreak reflection that I thought worth sharing again.  Christmas is just two weeks away and I wonder, how are you doing with your gift list? There are many ways to ‘give.’  My Bev loved Christmas and was a great gift giver! She started thinking about Christmas gifts when the Summer sun was shining. She found joy in finding just the right thing for that person, something that would delight them and reflect their personality.  I mostly write checks like a lot of men.

But, let’s think about gifting today.  I promise that there will be a spiritual application before I close.

There is the CHEAP giver.

This giver has one goal – buying something, anything, that satisfies the imperative for gift giving – while spending as little money or energy as possible. My one question to this person is – “why bother?” This kind of giving misses the point entirely. Save yourself the effort because the person who receives your ‘gift’ will only be obligated to write an insincere ‘thank you’ note!

There is HURRIED giver.

“Click” the gift goes into the online cart, check!  In the store, she reaches quickly for something to fulfil the obligation of giving, the aim being checking off names on her list. Obligation, not love, is the primary drive behind the search.

There is the “PAY MY DEBTS” giver.

This person attempt to make up for a year’s worth of mistakes, neglect, or failures with one gift; usually too costly, often ostentatious. No gift can do this, and this giver is sadly set up for disappointment!

There is the “I’D SURE LIKE THAT” giver.

He buys gifts he would like to receive and presents them to others! His gifts are often nice, but don’t ‘fit.’ Why? Because they are given from a place of Self, a revelation of that he is in love with himself. He cannot see what is going on outside of her own skin.

Hallelujah! There is the “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” giver.

This is the heart of Christmas! This person thinks carefully about the person for whom he is getting a gift and, after a careful search, prepares a gift that he presents with no strings attached. It may be simple, cost next to nothing, and still have great value. 

This is how God gave to us.  John tells us that “God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16, NIV)

His Gift was rich,
prepared from eternity,
given to settle my debts,
based on my need, and
shaped by His love for me!

In your gift-giving, make LOVE the reason.

Having trouble finding a gift for someone on your list?  Relax and think about who they are, what they need, and how you can express love in a language they’ll understand. It will come to you! Perhaps the gift will not be a ‘thing’ at all. Perhaps it will be the gift of your  listening ear, your concern, your prayer, an embrace, an encouraging word, or an expression of your confidence in that person.  This is always true: the best gifts are, like God’s gift to us, a gift of ourselves.

Don’t forget to offer your best gift to the One who is the Reason for the Season. Find time to worship, to serve, to give of yourself in His Name.  Let God love you, friend.  His love changes everything and those who are loved by God become the best gift-givers in the world for they learn to give richly, with purpose, to meet the need of the recipient, and with love – just like their heavenly Dad!

The word from the Word says It is a “surpassing grace God has given you. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:14-15, NIV)

Mary Did You Know
(Carrie Underwood does a beautiful presentation of this Christmas favorite)

Mary did you know
That your baby boy
Would one day walk on water
Mary did you know
That your baby boy
Would save our sons and daughters
Did you know
That your baby boy
Has come to make you new
This Child that you delivered
Will soon deliver you

Mary did you know
That your baby boy
Would give sight to the blind man
Mary did you know
That your baby boy
Would calm a storm with His hand
Did you know
That your baby boy
Has walked where angels trod
And when you kiss your little baby
You’ve kissed the face of God

Oh Mary did you know
Ooh Mary did you know ooh ooh

The blind will see
The deaf will hear
The dead will live again
The lame will leap
The dumb will speak
The praises of the Lamb

Oh Mary did you know
That your baby boy
Is Lord of all creation
Mary did you know
That your baby boy
Will one day rule the nations
Did you know
That your baby boy
Is heaven’s perfect Lamb
And the sleeping Child you’re holding
Is the great I Am

Oh Mary oh

Buddy Greene | Mark Lowry

© 1991, 1993 Rufus Music (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)

Curb Word Music (Admin. by WC Music Corp.)

CCLI License # 810055

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  1. Frances Rodriguez Avatar
    Frances Rodriguez

    Hi pastor I just want you to know how see inspiring you are I love our morning coffee and the best thing is you’re always focused and on the mark I have introduced my sister to the morning coffee break and she feels the same God bless you and your inspirations and your insights and is very needed and much appreciated love you have a wonderful day


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