Sometimes you just have to dance!

dancejoyI wish I could dance, really! I have been told I can, but it is my self-consciousness that stands in the way of expression! That same ‘fear of man’ does not keep me from expressing a radical love for Christ. Some may not understand my devotion, some may be of the opinion that my faith is foolishness. But, those things of are no concern to me. Does your awareness of the opinions of others keep you from losing yourself in whole-hearted worship?  “Fanatics” will find themselves treated to contempt similar to that which King David experienced when his worship overcame his dignity!

He was bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to the Tabernacle. The Ark was the symbolic dwelling of God among men so it was as if God were coming home. Overcome with joy, the king started to dance. Forgetting his position and his pride, he threw aside his royal garments.  There he was – leaping, dancing, and shouting the praises of God. His wife found his enthusiasm disgusting! The Scripture says that “Michal, daughter of Saul, watched from a window. And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she despised him in her heart.” (2 Samuel 6:16, NIV)  Coming to his palace, David expected she would share his joy. Instead, he found contempt poured over him like acid, as she spat the words – “How the king of Israel has distinguished himself today, disrobing in the sight of the slave girls of his servants as any vulgar fellow would!”

If you spend too much time looking around instead of up, you will cease to love God as you should. Instead of dancing for His applause, you will become a puppet; dancing on the strings pulled by others. You could read this and use these words as an excuse to offend everyone by insisting on doing your own thing regardless of others. I hope you will not.  Jesus did remind us that best expressions of love and prayer would be private. He pointed to the public piety of the Pharisees and sternly warned against making prayer and worship into a performance designed to impress others. Heaven falls silent when we start to dance for the crowd!

Never the less, when we are lost in His love, when we release ourselves to the Spirit of God: our songs, our choices, our prayers may well appear to be foolish, childish expressions.  When the critics sneer, we remind ourselves that is God we serve and we ask, “Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.” (Galatians 1:10, NIV)  His approval must be enough for us. It was for David. When his wife mocked his worship, he told her: “It was before the Lord, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the Lord’s people Israel-I will celebrate before the Lord. I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.” (2 Samuel 6:20-22, NIV)

So- dance, cry, sing, serve, love God – heart, soul, mind, and strength. He is Lord of the dance, too!

Here is the word from the Word.
“You did it: you changed wild lament into whirling dance;
You ripped off my black mourning band and decked me with wildflowers.
I’m about to burst with song; I can’t keep quiet about you.
God, my God, I can’t thank you enough.” (Psalm 30:11-12, The Message)


Lord of the Dance

I Danced In The Morning (Lord Of The Dance)

Verse 1

I danced in the morning

When the world was begun

And I danced in the moon

And the stars and the sun

And I came down from heaven

And I danced on the earth

At Bethlehem I had My birth

Dance then wherever you may be

I am the Lord of the Dance said He

And I’ll lead you all

Wherever you may be

And I’ll lead you all

In the Dance said He


I danced for the scribe

And the Pharisee

But they would not dance

And they wouldn’t follow Me

I danced for the fishermen

For James and John

They came with Me

And the dance went on


I danced on the Sabbath

And I cured the lame

The holy people said it was a shame

They whipped and they stripped

And they hung Me on high

And they left Me there

On a Cross to die


I danced on a Friday

When the sky turned black

It’s hard to dance

With the devil on your back

They buried My body

And they thought I’d gone

But I am the dance

And I still go on


They cut Me down

And I leapt up high

I am the life

That’ll never never die

I’ll live in you

If you’ll live in Me

I am the Lord

Of the Dance said He

Sydney Bertram Carter

© Words: Stainer & Bell Ltd (Admin. by Hope Publishing Company)

Music: Stainer & Bell Ltd (Admin. by Hope Publishing Company)

CCLI License # 810055

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